What have I achieved???

This is a post about some of my thoughts ….when i decided that I would start penning down some phases of my life the first thought that crossed my mind was “WHO WOULD WANT TO READ ABOUT ME?….WHAT IS MY ACHIEVEMENT?”…..that got me thinking as to what is achievement?…. what makes me tick?…what is my driving force?..what do I value the most in life?… well, I am not a celebrity….nor am I an accomplished writer..and no high flying career to talk about…so WHY???…agreed that, small things like making someone smile…helping someone in need…getting over your past…sleeping peacefully are achievements with great benefits…

In hindsight….i can say that I may not have been an ideal daughter, sister, wife or mother..may not have been a good daughter in law and sister in law too…infact not MAY NOT….DEFINITELY NOT!!!….but don’t you think that it is all part of our learning process ..at one point I thought that giving birth to my daughter was my biggest achievement😍( and Now when I look at her I would like to pat myself for doing a pretty good job of it🥰)…yes, I could have been more compassionate as a daughter….more loving as a sister, and am definitely lacking as the ideal wife and mother😔….but I am so glad that none of my near and dear ones have been vocal about that to me😜(except my daughter on various occasions..infact she has given me the title of the worst mother ever….and once she even told her friends that I was her step mother😩😫😜)….having said all this, I now come to my achievement..every hurdle has been a learning experience for me and at the moment I am at peace with myself and in a very happy space in life …..that for me is a BIG TIME ACHIEVEMENT….touch wood🤞🏼…I am loving life and living it and the credit of this goes to my husband😍…but somewhere deep down in my heart I do believe that my biggest achievement is yet to come…this drives me to go on in search of new ventures and love the fact that I can pen it down in words…

Yes, I would love to know what you think is ACHIEVEMENT 😊

Me and traveling…do we gel???

This is a story about ME and TRAVELLING…ok this pic credit goes to my husband who fails to understand that when I ask him to click a pic then I am to be the main subject in the frame and not everything and everyone else around me😵😜…in the last 7 months I have been traveling non stop sometimes for personal requirements and sometimes for pleasure(frankly speaking it has been an overdose 😣)and I have come to the conclusion that journeys are not my cup of tea..NO! NO!… I don’t hate traveling just that I don’t like it too much…you can say that I am afraid to get out of my comfort zone…though I love and enjoy the destination where the weather and climate would be different from where I stay…but long journeys to reach that place is too much 😣…as kids we would mostly travel during summer vacations to my grandparents place for a month to meet friends and relatives (which was absolutely funnnn💃)and for quite sometime after marriage also the idea of vacation was visit to Maayka and sauraal…then a conscious decision was taken a few years back to have a vacation to see new places and create a few precious memories to cherish before she flies away from the nest to create her own world😍🤗…and the time has already come way too soon😔..as far as traveling is concerned ..I fail to travel light(a typical woman thing I guess😬)..I hate early morning flights …i am not a morning person so i hate to get up early in the morning to rush and see some sunrise point(I have seen enough 🌅)…I hate to tick as many places as possible in one go…I hate museums…Actually I hate a disruption in my routine 😵(growing old I guess😰)..I want to go to one place for a minimum of ten days if not more and walk around that area everyday to get the feel of the people and things around me…I want to taste the local cuisine(food my weakness 😁)…I want to see their villages …I want to see how the locals live and what they do …i love meeting people and am open to new friendships🤗…however much I love the destination of my holiday at the end of it I am looking to get back home to my normal routine of life😍….In other words my travels with tour companies are a big NOOOOO😁….either I travel on my own or I don’t ☺️🤗…

What’s in a name!!!

This is a story about ME and MY NAME😊…the other day I read a post on my friends feed about “WHAT’s IN A NAME” and it got me thinking🤔…does the name make a person or a person makes a name???.. I know that Shakespeare did say that “ a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but I would beg to differ on that point…someone at some point has done a lot of thinking in choosing a particular name for a thing or a person…so why demean their thinking and denounce it…as far as my name goes …I think it is very important for me, can’t imagine myself with any other …I love my name and have a multitude of reasons for it…over the years I have realised that talking about the origin of someone’s name is an amazing conversation starter…you can see that their eyes just light up while talking about it😊(mine do😇)…when I was born there were a lot of names floated by various family members but my father took the decision that I would be called ANUPAMA😍…at that time a movie was released named ANUPAMA (I am sure my fathers favourite was Sharmila Tagore 😍)…I wouldn’t ever want to trade this name with any other ..at home I am called ANU …it sounded different with each person …and I especially liked the way my father called me Anu with a Hindi UI sound to it(sorry don’t know how to get the Hindi keypad….but I am sure u know what I mean😇) …my mother called me ANNU…my friends like to call me Anu and a lot of them call me Anupama 😁….as I was growing up some people used to tease me UPMA😬…I liked that too😁..my name means “INCOMPARABLE” and I would like to believe that there is no other piece like me😜😂…the only unique piece available on Mother Earth 😂( ain’t HE a lucky man😂)…. GOSH!!!! Let HIM not read this or else he will come out with a list of how his luck has failed HIM😁…so in short I think that “ A NAME MAKETH A MAN” …one just gets associated with ones name that it is difficult to think of the two as separate…and since it’s a tag so lovingly chosen for us we need to cherish it😍….I do … do you????

GOD fearing or GOD loving???

GOD FEARING or GOD LOVING🤔….this is a thought that I have been having for a long time…so this story is about ME and the above mentioned topic😊…just my take and version of it…as kids (GOD was planted in my mind)..I remember praying to GOD “Bhagwan please exam main pass Kara do”😬 or “hey Bhagwan please let my mother agree to send me to a particular party that i wanted to go to”…basically remembering GOD only when I wanted something…then as i grew up there was blind faith in the ENTITY above…Mom did Pooja at home so i followed suit …started fasting because Mom did so 😊…Don’t get me wrong …I do believe in GOD ..off late I have realised that whenever I go to a temple or gurudwara or any other religious place I see a lot of people talking to GOD …maybe asking for something or telling them something…but I just stand here dumbfounded without a thought in my mind …I am so mesmerised with the idol and the whole atmosphere around me that I forget to ask anything…so it got me thinking…if GOD knows everything and is all around us in everything we touch or see…then do we really have to ask🤔…why am I not able to talk to GOD like the others 🤔… when I come back from my visit to a religious place I feel so much at peace even though I didn’t talk to GOD😊I just soak up the vibes around that place….so do we do things in the correct manner because we are afraid of the ENTITY above or we just do the right things because we love GOD ..ever thought as to “ who decides what is right and what is wrong”…the right from wrong definition is based on ones own experience…so does GOD judge them differently and have different parameters for them 🤔…another thought that crosses my mind is that the IDOL that we see in the temple whose version of GOD is that 🤔…. after all this deliberation I would like to call myself GOD LOVING …what about you??

Annual function…Nostalgic!!!

Yet another privileged and nostalgic moment when I attended the annual function of a school here😍…brought back soooooo many precious and emotional memories!!!…a little apprehensive at the beginning about attending since my kid is way beyond this stage…but am ever so glad that I did😍…the kids who performed were as little as 2(and they were such darlings…oblivious to what’s around them …just doing what was told to them🥰)..loved the way the kids were searching the audience to catch the eye of their parents and the smile on their faces when they did🥰(SHE also always looked for US in the audience and can’t forget HER smile when our eyes met… it always made my heart flutter and bring tears of joy😘)…these little tiny tots set the stage on fire 🔥…they looked absolutely adorable in their costumes and the crowd would go “awwwww” the moment a kid came on stage🥰…some kids were nervous and some of them were just playing to the gallery loving all the attention 😁….hats off to the teachers who put in so much effort to teach the little ones all the steps 🤗

As a kid I always loved dancing(I still do) so at every annual function I was part of a dance troupe(have done it all, from kathak to Himachali to Bengali to Goan to garba to stick dance from the north east🙃)…since I lived in Goa we were always part of the carnival where in we would be perched up on an open truck with our moves😜…wish I had pics to go back and relive those moments🙃…then came HER turn who is just like ME…she took to dancing like fish to water🤗…did try to get her enrolled into a formal dance class of Bharatnatyam..which SHE rejected outright and loves the free style dance form💃…as parents we are not looking for a perfect dance performance by our wards….just lots of cute moments to be cherished forever!!!😍😇

How do you manage anger???

Was listening to SADHGURU on YouTube this morning in which the anchor asked him “ GURUJI, how can we control anger”… his answer struck the right chord in ME …he said and I quote “ I haven’t given anyone the right to make me angry, sad or happy….that right is just mine”…and it got me thinking( HE says “dangerous” 😜)… but I do think .. and do talk to myself a lot(contrary to HIS belief 😬, infact I finish my quota of 30000 words that a lady needs to speak in a day by talking to myself😬😂).. So Just another story about ME and ANGER..I have a good amount of patience so I don’t get angry easily (though my daughter would beg to differ😜)…but seriously, it would take a lot of doing by someone to get me really angry..maybe angry is not the right word…I get upset..but I forgive and forget also easily🤗…my secret weapon of dealing with being upset is that I go to the bathroom talk to myself and cry it out🙃( most of you wouldn’t agree with this…but I guess it’s who I am …I haven’t worked on it to be like this…and it just works fine for me)…as a kid I was always happy go lucky 😊…nothing really bothered ME..except the day of my results every year🤪..trust me I have never had any ill feelings for anyone in my life..I don’t ever believe in rumours and form an opinion..I like to experience it first hand before judging 😊(my daughter is like me) ..I am my biggest fan😉 and my biggest critic😑..If I write something I read it many times(the fan speaking😁) and if I say something that has hurt someone then I am not ashamed to apologise(here again my daughter is like me😘)..I am not perfect but am very happy and content with my imperfections 🤗..I work on my imperfections not to be perfect but to be true to myself😊…as rightly said we should not get worked up by other people’s demeaning behaviour, that’s their doing..it is in our hands to choose to ignore and detach ourselves from that particular situation 🙃I don’t know how much of this is making sense 🤔but these were some random thoughts that just crossed my mind this morning 😊..just hoping and wishing loads and loads of happiness to all of you 🤗😍

Brand conscious…are you???

The other day someone asked ME “ Are you brand conscious?”…I was caught unawares so didn’t know how to correctly answer that question…so I said “not to the point of being prudish”..then I came back home and thought about it “ Am I brand conscious or not?”…

Like I have already mentioned in one of my earlier stories that as kids we always wore clothes that were bought by Mom…we never had a say in what we wanted😑..the simple souls that we were😬..my daughter was very clear what she wanted to wear right from the time that she was kid…she would take out the clothes that she wanted to wear for a birthday party of a friend🙃..let me narrate one such incident😁..she got after my life that she wanted a footwear that makes “tak tak” sound while walking🙄(basically she was referring to the clicking sound of the heels and JFYI she was a mere 5 year old😑)

As a teenager I wanted to be fashionable and did own a pair of dhoti salwaar( I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in it now🤪), patiala salwaar ( which came back in fashion again), I used to love wearing Papa’s shirts with jeans or short skirts( ouch!!!.. just goes to show that I wasn’t fashionable at all and definitely not brand concious🙃)

Now also, I am not brand conscious at all, infact my pronunciation of all these complicated brand names really embarrasses my daughter 😜…she always keeps correcting me☺️( sometimes I deliberately pronounce it wrong to irritate her😬)..HE says “have one good fitting jeans of a good brand” and ME goes “ONE😱”…🤭😲

I prefer quantity but not entirely over quality …what I mean to say is that …I like things that look good, fit well and have a great fall😊..for me the price of the saree doesn’t matter(I just have to like the print and it should fall well like in a crepe or georgette…my wardrobe is full of them)…

and I definitely find it a complete waste to invest so much into a brand name..when i went to China a few years ago I found such wonderful and perfect first copies of all branded products at dirt cheap rate (trust me you wouldn’t know the difference)..can you wear the same branded clothes or accessories to all functions???( unless you can afford to invest in many)…well to put it simply “I cannot afford to be brand conscious😊” because I want different clothes for different occasions 😜😂but don’t have the means 😜….what is your idea of fashion???